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Hello Lovely!

Hello Lovely, 

I am so happy to be writing my first blog post here on Our Country Home Comforts!! It's so lovely to have you here. I hope you will pop over regularly for a chat about life, and crochet, and of course all the country home comforts I love such as home decor, lifestyle +  fitness, and the occasional crafts! 

This first post is really just a short intro to me and a 'hello' from me to you. 

I'm Dawn-Tracy, and I'm a 29 year old part-time SEN Advanced teaching assistant and HLTA in a primary school who is contemplating going on and training as a fully qualified primary teacher. 

I love wearing red as it makes my eyes and hair pop, but I love pastels, greys (Im literally obsessed with grey interiors!), and purples for crochet and lifestyle accessories. 

I'm naturally dark haired that changes with the seasons - more brunette in Spring/Summer, and dark brown to black in Autumn/Winter (Although now I've said that, it'll probably change) 

I'm a Cat Mom to Prince Magick, and Cat Auntie to Little Miss Amber who is actually my Mum's cat. My relationship broke down last summer, and I've only just recently started to date, and resurrect my instagram account (details below) that i'm using to document my passions for crochet, my teaching career, and my home lifestyle and garden. 

I'm taking back control of my life, and my dreams and hope you'll join me on this journey.

But for the majority of the posts it will be just me, as I share my love for crochet, home decor and furnishings, gardening, and general lifestyle posts. 

Hopefully that has given you a little insight into who I am, and I really look forward to getting to know you, because there's nothing better than making new friends, 

I'd love it if you pop by, if you'd leave a little message saying Hi, and leaving either your blog address or instagram handle so I can pop over and say Hi back.

You can find me on instagram at: Our Country Home Comforts

Looking forward to chatting soon,

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