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Travel | Our Day to Stratford-upon-Avon

Hello my loves, 

I've been meaning to come back and update this blog for the past few weeks but it's been a pretty busy couple of weeks with one thing or another, you know how life gets a little crazy sometimes? But all that means is that I have so much to tell you that you can be sure that I will have a ton of posts coming your way. 

As I'm still on my summer holidays (we won't talk about September - just yet) I thought I'd start by sharing one of the day trips Mr R and I have been on during my holiday. There's something about Mr R that you have to understand - he is insanely and ridiculously good, no he's brilliant at organising surprises and when he surprises me it's always very very successful! So, Mr R organised a trip to Stratford-upon-Avon for us for the day and when I found out where he'd decided to take us (he doesn't know this) I was so excited inside! 

You see, just the night before I'd been talking to my Mum and said to her that actually I really hope one day Mr R and I go to Stratford-upon-Avon because it's been a while since I'd been there and I'd like to go back. So, I got my wish the very next day - I wonder if it works that quick for the winning lottery numbers? haha. 

So, off we went to Stratford-upon-Avon. Now, I don't really do the tourist-y thing and continually snap photos and walk around with a selfie-stick - in fact I don't even own a selfie stick! But I took a couple of snaps to share with you. Another reason I tend to not keep snapping away on these trips is because I'm honestly there to spend time with Mr R and enjoy the moments together and capture the memories in my heart and not on my phone. You're probably half going "awwww" right now and half going "oh cheesy!" but honestly, that's always my intentions on days out together - to literally be in the moment with Mr R and capture it right there and then in my heart and mind so that when we're both in our 80s or 90s and beyond we can reminisce about "that time we went to... Stratford-upon-Avon". 

So anyway, aside from the mushy stuff (haha) We had a good walk around Stratford and saw so much amazing architecture! I was literally jumping up and down inside with excitement (Mr R always tells me to let my excitement out and I promise I'll work on it! πŸ˜‡) at how there we were walking in a town that's buildings were evidently historical and you could in the blink of an eye just imagine what life must have been like when William Shakespeare was alive. It was just so breathtaking I spent the entire time walking around with a huge smile on my face (although that did have to do with the handsome guy's hand I was holding the entire timeπŸ˜‰ ). 

The picture at the start of this post was of the old school house that was connected to the church which I did take a snap of but I have to apologise because it's really dark as it was starting to look a little overcast (see below). We walked down this road and I was imagining what it must have been like to be at school all those years ago. We walked to the end of this road and turned the corner (right) and was immediately hit by the more modern houses and it was like walking into another century haha. However, walking down the modern road that led us ultimately back to the town and high street rewarded us because not only did we see a car that had driven all the way from Arizona to the UK but we kinda saw a gorgeous ferrari which Mr R said I could buy him one along with a list of cars he will give me - he loves his cars ! I'll happily buy you one handsome! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜

Once we found our way back to the high street we had a leisurely walk browsing the shop windows and in full conversation with each other about life and everything in between. I did spy a Harry Potter shop which Mr R said I could go in if I wanted to but seriously - I had to restrain myself because he might have seen me in an excited state that he wouldn't quite know how to deal with and would probably be wanting the more subdued me back πŸ˜ƒ 

We walked past William Shakespeare's actual house - like where he lived and it's kind of surreal to think that he lived there - and I had a little smile on my face as I thought about what would he think if he knew that hundreds of years later after his death there would be these modern people travelling halfway across the globe, with technology devices on the end of sticks and they were just grinning into them outside his house taking things called photographs and probably doing all kinds of things with Snapchat and filters and Facebook and Instagram lives! All because he wrote a few plays. Like imagine if that happened to us? Makes you chuckle doesn't it.

It's a shame he never got to see just what an impact he made on the world! But we can definitely be certain that he won't be forgotten. 

We also had a nice little walk along the water and sat on a bench to take in the views and I caught a glimpse of a lovely elderly couple sitting on a bench and the gentleman caught my eye and smiled at Mr R and I and how happy we were together. I half wanted to ask him what he was thinking as he was looking at us but I didn't, I just smiled back as we walked past them holding hands. 

I can't really end the post all about Shakespeares town without sharing with you what our favourite works of Shakespeare actually are can I? So Mr R says it's The Merchant of Venice (which I loved doing in drama class at school - despite not liking drama one little bit) and mine is Macbeth - because I love to be a little bit daring lol No, I genuinely love Macbeth with it's symbolism of how the roles of guilt, greed and power can impact your sense of self identity and psyche. What can I say, I've always loved Psychology. 

So that was our lovely day out to Stratford-upon-Avon, a day that I absolutely loved as I always do, and a great place to go for a bit of history, architecture and fun! Oh and coffee was good! Seriously good in their Pret-a-Manger - how could I forget we had coffee and something to eat πŸ™ˆ It's a really lovely coffee shop with so many places to sit and the staff were really pleasant! 

I hope you've enjoyed reading about our day out, and please leave comments if you have been to Stratford-upon-Avon, and tell us what your favourite part was, 

Looking forward to chatting soon,

Country Home Books | A Whiff of Scandal

Hello again my Loves, 

Today it's Book Lovers Day and as I already have a beautiful Book Blog - A Page of Fictional Love I thought it would be a lovely occasional feature here on Our Country Home Comforts

So, today I'm sharing with you my thoughts on a lovely book I read by Carole Matthews, and I also get to showcase some of the essential oils that I use in my own daily life to complement this post. 

Image Copyright of Our Country Home Comforts

A Whiff of Scandal was a book that I almost put down and back on the shelf, but something about the blurb, the cover and the way the characters in the village were behaving convinced me to continue on and read their story. I am so glad that I did. It has been such a long time since a book has had me laughing out loud in the bath, on the sofa, in the park, ... basically anywhere I could read. I laughed so much that it was almost ridiculous (my laughing that is) if it wasn't so entertaining! 

The book begins with the nosey neighbours across the road spying on the newbie, Rose who is an aromatherapist from London. They are sisters whom live together and are the stereotypical old ladies whom have nothing better to do other than to spy on their neighbours and spread rumours, typical village life as it's portrayed on the tv. Rose gets a reputation as a "lady of the night" thanks to one of the ladies, even writing this now because I remember the gossip in the book so vividly is making me chuckle, but then Rose is later supported by the other sister who changes her mind after visiting Rose for an aromatherapy appointment. 

There's something you should know about the people who live in this village - they all have names connected to aromatherapy; Basil, Melissa, Rose, Anise,...etc. The dishy man of the village is Dan (Spikenard) who lives at Builder's Bottom ( the name of his house) with his long term girlfriend Gardenia. Dan and Rose have several encounters, one even involving being dressed like a Viking! But do they get together? Well Rose came to the village to run away from her past - we all do that or at least wish we could, or we dream of it - but Rose does it! But what is she running away from? Cliff Richard? NO! That's one of those nosey old ladies' rumours again LOL. Don't believe everything you hear. Even Mr Patel at the local shop gets things wrong from time to time. 

What about Rose's stalker? Calling her and breathing heavily down the phone?Reading this part of the story did put the shiver sup me a little - because as a woman we can all imagine how it must feel to be on the end of the phone and have that happen to us! Does she know her stalker? Who is it? And what about when her once dream guy finally offers her the world? Don't you think they always come when it's too late? But is it enough? Can you really mix your past with your future? Is there such a blend for an aromatherapist? 

Rose is very skilled at what she does, so much so that she regularly blends together Passion oils for her new best friend Melissa who is married to the local policeman - but what's Melissa hiding, and is Frank (her husband) the last to know? 

And what about the building development proposal to build apartments? Will it cause uproar or will it be welcomed? Will the villagers pull together or will it cause a divide? Then there's the proposal - who is it that is made a romantic offer of marriage? And what will the neighbours say?!

There are more Whiffs of Scandal in this book alone than there ever could be in a year of Corrie! If you want a thrilling laugh out loud, comedy romance, and a reason to smile everyday, then you really must read A Whiff of Scandal. I'd love to know what happens after A Whiff of Scandal, and what becomes of Builder Bottom, and do those old ladies ever stop spying on their neighbours with ladders and binoculars? I guess that's a scent of the future I must simply ponder on... for now... maybe ;)

Have you read this book? What book have you read lately that has absolutely made you laugh out loud? I'd love to hear all about your reading pleasure. 

If you'd like to read more about books I've read then please visit me over on my other blog by clicking the picture below; 

You can find me on instagram at: Our Country Home Comforts

Looking forward to chatting soon,

Hello Lovely!

Hello Lovely, 

I am so happy to be writing my first blog post here on Our Country Home Comforts!! It's so lovely to have you here. I hope you will pop over regularly for a chat about life, and crochet, and of course all the country home comforts I love such as home decor, lifestyle +  fitness, and the occasional crafts! 

This first post is really just a short intro to me and a 'hello' from me to you. 

I'm Dawn-Tracy, and I'm a 29 year old part-time SEN Advanced teaching assistant and HLTA in a primary school who is contemplating going on and training as a fully qualified primary teacher. 

I love wearing red as it makes my eyes and hair pop, but I love pastels, greys (Im literally obsessed with grey interiors!), and purples for crochet and lifestyle accessories. 

I'm naturally dark haired that changes with the seasons - more brunette in Spring/Summer, and dark brown to black in Autumn/Winter (Although now I've said that, it'll probably change) 

I'm a Cat Mom to Prince Magick, and Cat Auntie to Little Miss Amber who is actually my Mum's cat. My relationship broke down last summer, and I've only just recently started to date, and resurrect my instagram account (details below) that i'm using to document my passions for crochet, my teaching career, and my home lifestyle and garden. 

I'm taking back control of my life, and my dreams and hope you'll join me on this journey.

But for the majority of the posts it will be just me, as I share my love for crochet, home decor and furnishings, gardening, and general lifestyle posts. 

Hopefully that has given you a little insight into who I am, and I really look forward to getting to know you, because there's nothing better than making new friends, 

I'd love it if you pop by, if you'd leave a little message saying Hi, and leaving either your blog address or instagram handle so I can pop over and say Hi back.

You can find me on instagram at: Our Country Home Comforts

Looking forward to chatting soon,