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Country Home Crochet | First World War Poppies

Hello my Loves, 

I am finally getting around to writing up a blog post about my crochet! I can hardly believe that it's taken me so long to actually do it. I think a lot of the procrastination has been centred around the fear of it "not being good enough" which is silly really. 

I have another post that will follow up from this one all about the 100th anniversary of the First World War ending and it's special connections to us- and I think it's going to be an emotional one - Sorry! But at least I've given you a heads up. 

But today I want to share with you the making of crochet poppies that I have been busy making to mark the centenary. 

Above is a process pic or a WIP picture of the completed red poppy and leaf. This was before I crocheted the black centre of the poppy and sewed them together. I followed the YouTube tutorial by Sarah-Jayne over at Bella Coco (you can watch by clicking the link below) 

Bella Coco - Poppy Crochet Tutorial 

I found this tutorial really easy to follow and created the red part of the poppy within 8 minutes for my first try as well! The leaf was also really simple and easy to follow. The only thing I struggled with was creating the centre of the poppy because I really am hopeless at making a magic circle/ring to crochet into. Instead I used a darning needle and sewed back and forth across the centre until I'd created the circle centre. 

I have chosen to not crochet a stem but if you did want to make a stem it's pretty straight forward. Chain the length you want the stem to be, and then double crochet into each chain and slip stitch to join at the end, chain 1 and cut the yarn (wool) and pull through to close the stitch. 

I've attached a pin to my poppy by sewing it on so that it doesn't fall off when I wear it. You can easily pick these pins up from haberdashery shops or online at places like Etsy. But please see if you can support your local shops as it makes a massive difference to the owners and don't you think it's wonderful to buy local? I know I do. 

If you decide to make yourself a poppy, PLEASE make a donation anyway to The Royal British Legion using the link below; 

Thank you for stopping by and reading. I hope I have inspired you and do let me know if you plan on trying to crochet your own poppy (remember to make a donation to the Royal British Legion) or maybe you've already made your own poppy, either way share with me in the comments below,

Speak soon lovely,
Dawn-Tracy xxx


  1. I absolutely love this, I’ve never tried to crochet poppies before, Bella coco seems easy enough to follow, the thing I like about videos is I can stop them and rewind as much as I need without any pressure of following a written pattern!
    Your poppy looks lovely, well done you and I think it looks better without the stem too!

  2. Yes! The video tutorials make it super easy to take your time to actually watch how to do a certain stitch or pattern. Thank you! I'm very pleased with my poppy and the fact that I learnt a new pattern! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment xx