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Country Home Pregnancy | Pre-Pregnancy Planning or Tempting Fate

Hello my loves, 

This is a bit of a different post here on Our Country Home Comforts but it's one that I hope you enjoy all the same.

It's no secret between Mr R and myself that starting our own family has always very much been a part of our plan both as individuals and now more so as a couple. Whilst I'm not yet announcing that I'm pregnant (I'm sorry!) it is something that I've been thinking more about lately as this time next year is the initial time we're hoping to be pregnant or be close to being pregnant.

I've been having conversations with friends (one of whom has recently got married and we're all eager for a bump!) and we're divided when it comes to deciding how much is tempting fate when it comes to starting a family. It's a little like when you're a little girl and dream of your wedding day, and collect wedding dress pictures and stick them in a book (or on Pinterest today) only with planning a family it's a little different.

One of my friends who's already had children said when she felt broody and had "the talk" with her husband, she started buying cute baby outfits and baby catalogues and even pregnancy books to get herself ready for becoming a mom.

As many of you know, I've been crocheting baby blankets for friends and custom orders for about 4 years now and a colleague from work has just given birth to a gorgeous baby girl, so naturally we're all talking babies now. But when I got asked the question "Why don't you crochet a few baby blankets and clothes and put them away for when you have a baby?" I was shocked. My first response was "no! I couldn't possibly do that, it would be tempting fate!"

Since then I've been pondering it and I'm still torn. I still think that maybe it would be Tempting Fate for Mr R and I if I began crocheting blankets, jackets, booties and mittens for a baby we're 'yet' to conceive. However I've also come across two other people who've said that they both began either making things for their baby whilst they weren't yet trying for a baby, or buying baby clothes, blankets etc. Both of these ladies went onto have healthy baby girls so it can't have tempted fate can it? 😇

When Mr R and I talk about having our own little family and our own Baby R, he gets this absolutely adorable grin on his face and I just know he's going to be an amazing Dad - something I'm very much looking forward to witnessing everyday of my life. I love the thought of being a Mom, and especially to his children, and to carry his baby will be the most precious time of my life with Mr R 😍🤰♥️💙

So, I guess what I've come on my blog to say, to ask you really, is what would you do or what did you do?

I'm 30, Mr R is 37 and we both want to become parents in the next 18-24 months, given our ages and our desire to be parents... So is it tempting fate to crochet/make/buy baby blankets, booties etc before becoming pregnant or is it a nice way to prepare for pregnancy?

I'd really appreciate your joining in on this conversation because I can see both sides to it. I can see my superstitious side and I can see the side of joyfully preparing... Whilst I know only I can make the decision based on what I'm comfortable with, I'd love to open this up to you to get your opinion because my friends and I are a little bit divided.

Mr R, if you're reading this... Don't worry... I'm only a tiny bit broody 😉🙈😂

All my love, 

Dawn-Tracy xxx


  1. I was lucky and never really planned any of my 4 girls. They just sort of happened. Except the first one I always had clothes, blankets etc prepared because of previous ones. I am slightly superstitious, so I didn't buy personal to that baby things until I was pregnant though. X just had generic baby items x

    1. Thanks for stopping by Debbie, see I agree with being slightly superstitious when it comes to things like this. I love that you bought things specifically for your second child once you were pregnant... I think I'd do the same xx

  2. I'm not a Mum or planning to be any time soon but I think the concept of tempting fate is really interesting. When my Mum was pregnant with me, anytime anyone gave her any baby gifts for me she'd give them straight to my nan because she didn't want to see them until I was here, safely. A baby shower would have been her idea of a nightmare! And I think I'd be the same if I ever got pregnant. I'm not particularly supersticious but there's something in me that wouldn't wanna jinx anything!


  3. Thanks Jenny for stopping by and leaving a comment. I love that your mom wouldn't have any of the baby gifts until after giving birth. :) I quite like the idea of a baby shower now... But when I'm pregnant that might change haha xx