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Dreams | New Year, New Goals, New Plans

Hello my loves, 

Happy New Year from Mr R and I!!! 

I can't begin to tell you how glad I am that we are finally in 2019 after such a long wait - well it certainly feels that way doesn't it? 

I don't want to do one of those super overly happy posts about how amazing 2019 is going to be because we all know that it's just like the tide - it ebbs and flows for all of us - which is what makes us really appreciate the happier times in our lives. What I do want to share with you all though is a few of my own personal plans and goals I have for my personal life and this little growing blog baby of mine. 

On 1st January I did my usual sweep of my blogs - this one and my book blog (A Page of Fictional Love) and I was honestly blown away by both of them but more so this one because it's the baby of the blogs and because it's the one I started with my partner's input, so it really does feel like our little online baby. 

What started as a little lifestyle project of a blog that was full of hopes and dreams for it's growth - truly it is like our child because we have such high hopes for it - has steadily grown over the past few months and literally gained over 400+ views within the F I R S T   F O U R days of 2019!!! I mean that's crazy growth right there for me! For this little baby!

When I noticed this growth which I know to so many bloggers would be nothing, to me it was everything and I suddenly felt frozen because I didn't know what to write on here or how to set the tone for 2019. So I had to have a little time to plan a few posts and then come back and write this one and then instantly hit publish. I didn't want to back out of the plans I've got for it. So what plans do I have for me and this little blog baby of ours? 

My Personal Goals: 

  • To blog 1-2 times a week 
  • To learn new crochet stitches & techniques each week so that by the end of the year I've learnt at least 52 new stitches/techniques 
  • Learn how to crochet amigurumi 
  • To read a balanced mixture of self development/positivity books, women's fiction, and young adult books 
  • Learn more about mindfulness to manage my stress levels
  • Learn how to create crochet patterns
  • Crazy goal here but....Learn how to knit (I don't know what's gotten into me but I feel like I'm in the swing of crochet now and I want to push myself further) 
  • Focus more on my own self care, health + fitness and wellbeing so that I am in the best shape; mentally, physically and emotionally, for a healthy pregnancy
  • Enjoy every moment with Mr R because every moment is precious and a memory to treasure + share in years to come with our little ones (when we have them) 
  • Enjoy a mini break abroad for the first time in my life with Mr R (I love that he'll be the one I christen my passport with!)

My Blog Goals: 

*some of these goals overlap and run into my instagram account + also possible other forms of social media*

  • Hit 10,000 views by December 2019
  • Have 2000 instagram followers 
  • Have at least 52 posts on here by December 2019  
  • Write crochet tutorials up on here in a simple way that is quick & easy to follow 
  • Expand and grow my Etsy Store (Country Home Comforts) and have regular crochet stock added every month! 
  • Write more lifestyle posts on here 
  • Collaborate with at least 3 brands and feature them on this blog 
  • Launch a YouTube channel featuring my crochet + lifestyle 
  • Have 500 YouTube subscribers 

Some of those goals may not get reached or may surpass the goals I've set but either way I'm going to do all I can to ensure that I try my best this year, and that's good enough for me. I'm a huge believer in dreaming BIG and then making actionable plans to make those dreams a reality. 

Have you set yourself any goals this year? Do you already have plans in motion? I'd love for you to share in the comments below and tell me all about them. 

Take care until next time, 
All my love,
Dawn-Tracy xxx


  1. That sounds like an amazing year planned out - go for it Dawn! Wishing you every success and hope you achieve all of your goals and dreams - Cate x

  2. Hey Cate, Thanks for stopping by! Thank you lovely! I wish you the same with all your wonderful goals and dreams this year xx